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Dips/Nostalgic Candy/Drink Bombs/Hot Chocolate

  • Amish Country Butter Microwave Popcorn - 99g

    Amish Country Butter Microwave Popcorn - 99g

    Microwaveable popcorn with a classic buttery flavour to please your tastebuds.  The tradition of producing kernels with 0 chemicals and preservatives continues to this day. Amish Country's farm fresh kernels will have you hooked on premium...

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  • Laffy Taffy Cherry Rope

    Laffy Taffy Cherry Rope

    Laffy Taffy Cherry Rope has a tangy and juicy cherry flavor, and the taffy is always soft and lasts a long, long time. When you need more than a bite of fragrant, long-lasting Cherry Laffy Taffy, you want Laffy Taffy Rope. Stash some in your lunchbox,...

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  • Laffy Taffy Laff Bites Gone Bananas!

    Laffy Taffy Laff Bites Gone Bananas!

    The original Laffy Taffy Banana is a delightfully soft and stretchy taffy candy with an amusing joke on the wrapper to enjoy while you chew. This candy variety comes in a bag filled with Laff Bites - a hard candy coating version of the original with a...

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  • Cow Tales Oreo

    Cow Tales Oreo

    The Hottest Collab of the Year!       Each bite of this chewy treat will awaken your tastebuds to a brand new way of experiencing Oreo flavour! Cow Tales Oreo is a stick of yummy caramel that has...

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  • Deb's Dip Kick Ass Ranch

    Deb's Dip Kick Ass Ranch

    Traditional ranch dip with a not so subtle jalapeño kick. Ingredients: Dehydrated Onions, Butter Milk Powder, Jalapeno Flakes, Parsley, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Black Pepper, Dill Weed & Chives. Made in Canada About: Deb knew that if...

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  • Pop Rocks Tropical Punch

    Pop Rocks Tropical Punch

    A Sweet Blast from the Past! Pop Rocks Tropical Punch Candy will be exploding with the fruity taste of the Tropics. Candytainment in your mouth! Great fun at parties and family events. Pop Rocks Candy are a...

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  • Rain Blo Bubble Gum

    Rain Blo Bubble Gum

    Rain-Blo originals Great gumballs never change A favorite for generations Perfect to share with family and friends Great taste your kids will love

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  • Lifesavers Roll 5 Flavors

    Lifesavers Roll 5 Flavors

    Life Savers Candy are "a hole lot of fun" Life Savers 5 Flavors Candy Rolls take you back to a simpler time and place. An old fashioned candy that has been around since 1912. These classic hard candies come in 5 delicious flavours including cherry,...

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  • Pop Rocks - Watermelon

    Pop Rocks - Watermelon

    Pour some watermelon pop rocks into your mouth and feel that unique popping on your tongue! Real Popping Action! Entertainment for your whole mouth! Store at room temperature for up to 1 year.

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  • Salt Water Taffy Cone - Canada Eh!

    Salt Water Taffy Cone - Canada Eh!

    80g Bag Salt water taffy, a type of taffy (a chewy and soft candy)  The recipe for salt water taffy does not actually include salt water from the ocean, though it does usually call for salt and water, as...

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