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Dips/Nostalgic Candy/Cocktail Bombs/Hot Chocolate

  • Deb's Dip Kick Ass Ranch

    Deb's Dip Kick Ass Ranch

    Traditional ranch dip with a not so subtle jalapeño kick. Ingredients: Dehydrated Onions, Butter Milk Powder, Jalapeno Flakes, Parsley, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Black Pepper, Dill Weed & Chives. Made in Canada About: Deb knew that if...

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  • Pop Rocks Cherry Popping Candy

    Pop Rocks Cherry Popping Candy

    Pop Rock's is the #1 selling popping candy!   This carbonated candy is sure to be a blast any time, but share with friends and create laughs as you enjoy this crackling mouth sensation!

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  • Big League Chew Pouch

    Big League Chew Pouch

     Shredded bubble gum in a stay-fresh pouch that keeps the juicy flavor locked inside. A fan favorite since 1980, Big League Chew is bubble gum fun for everyone! 60 gram

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    Taveners mint humbug sweets are a delicious uniquely British flavoured treat individutally wrapped, ready for sharing -- .or not. Mint humbugs are made with natural colours and flavours.  165 GRAM

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  • McCraw's Flat Taffy

    McCraw's Flat Taffy

      Dee & Sarah McCraw created their famous and timeless taffy. Since 1908, McCraws taffy recipe has remained unchanged and is just as popular today as it was 100 years ago!   

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